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News in Motion

Post Release Updates

Well folks, looks like we have another Train Fever update here, and this one is big! Over the last few weeks the creators of Train Fever have been quite busy. With promises of more updates in the future (including waypoints), it looks like this one will just keep getting better.
With that in mind we at CIMX decided it was time to add some categories to our Train Fever Exchange, let us know if you're missing any categories: comment here and we'll see what we can do.

The Fever Has Arrived!

Train Fever has arrived and is now available to play, go get feverish, establish your transport company and be its manager! And remember to check back with us, CiMX has now got a bunch of new sections dedicated to Train Fever ready for discussion, problem solving, hints, and files exchanging. And more is yet to come.
Oh, and come celebrate the release with us, we got cake!

Cities: Skylines Reddit AMA

For those of you interested in Paradox and CO's AMA session on Reddit, here it is. Highlights Will it feature regions like in the Simcity series? Nope. It's an interesting concept/feature if done correctly though. But we don't expect you to depend on...

Just Announced: Cities: Skylines!

Developed by Colossal Order, Cities: Skylines offers sprawling landscapes and maps with endless sandbox gameplay and new ways to expand your city. Key to progression is the ability to influence your city’s policy by incorporating taxation into districts. All this including the ability to mod the game to suit your play style makes this the definitive city building simulation. You’re only limited by your imagination, so take control and reach for the sky!

Community Map Finished

The Cities in Motion Exchange proudly presents Community Map 2 for Cities in Motion 2. It took 12 of our most talented builders nearly a year (11 months to be exact) to build one of the finest maps you'll find around. 28 handovers, 28 edits, however you want to put it, produced a region full of detailed places to discover, an intricate network of roads, all this to challenge and amaze you. Let's give everyone who participated a nice round of applause, they deserve it.

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